Welcome to eBay Greater China. As one of our largest and fastest-growing worldwide outposts, eBay Greater China employs 700+ people in five offices spread along the Chinese coastline  from Shanghai down to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our people are friendly and highly motivated, and everything we do is instilled with an air of professionalism, cutting-edge technical expertise, innovation, personal growth, and fun. If you’re looking for a great opportunity to work in a challenging, highly visible, and fast-paced environment, this is the place for you.


618 East Yan An RoadEast Ocean CentreShanghai 200001

eBay China’s principal hub of operations is located in the hyper-modern city of Shanghai, which, with 30 million people, is also the country’s largest metropolis. In Shanghai, eBay maintains three offices with hundreds of employees working on everything running the gamut from product management, business development, and marketing to R&D, global technical operations, data analytics, cloud, shipping, and the customer experience  virtually everything needed to run eBay’s vast Chinese operations.

Shanghai’s immense energy and cultural openness make it a great city, a place where anything and everything is possible. With people from all over the world living here, cosmopolitan Shanghai exhibits a one-of-a-kind mesh of cultures that attracts a pool of interesting, creative people. It's old meets new, East meets West, ageless yet always on the cusp of tomorrow. All the ingredients that make for a fascinating experience. And as China’s most internationally connected city, Shanghai offers many opportunities to work for global companies like eBay and, of course, for an ever-growing number of domestic enterprises.

Across China, and especially in Shanghai, people are increasingly looking for work that offers career development, not simply short-term financial gain. Companies committed to making serious contributions to professional growth attract better talent in the long run.That’s the kind of company eBay is everywhere around the world. And China is no exception.

Office Opened 2005
Notable For eBay’s main hub of operations in Greater China
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