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eBay Israel’s leading R&D center is instrumental in the development of multiple components across our global platform. As such, the Israeli teams’ footprint on the seller and buyer experience, services’ security protocols, and browse & catalog platforms, are inevitable. We are also fortunate to impact the ecosystem with a dedicated unit for high potential (HiPo) emerging markets within our office.

We’re part of a large company, but we still have a start-up vibe.

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eBay IL - R&D Center

10 Hagavish StreetNetanya, Israel 4250708

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Our mission is to empower people and create economic opportunities. We enable millions of sellers worldwide to make a living. In these unusual times, our job has never been more meaningful as we help maintain the economy while working from home.

Our areas of expertise

We generally select ideas and prototypes from various deep learning disciplines. We integrate our product requirements to present our customers with new, data-driven solutions. eBay is leading the industry in the fields of machine learning, AI, NLP, entity recognition, taxonomy management and more.

Our People

We believe that diverse teams lead to the best possible results. This is why our teams are composed of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Office Opened 2005
Notable For Consistent Appearance on 'Best Companies to Work For' in Israel*

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Latest News

eBay buys Israel’s SalesPredict to track buyer tastes

SalesPredict is eBay’s latest acquisition and is in line with the e-commerce company’s efforts
to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to boost sales, eBay said ina statement. Following the acquisition some employees will join eBay’s Netanya center.

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