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This is What We Care About

At eBay Inc., your work makes a difference. We are committed to unlocking more economic opportunity for everyone, including you.

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Our Purpose

We believe that we can build a better form of commerce that is enabled by people, supported by technology, and open to everyone – creating more opportunity for all.

Empowering People

We're on a mission to build a better, more connected form of commerce that benefits individuals, business, and society. And we are doing it on a global scale, providing everyone the opportunity to participate and create value.

Driving Innovation

Our innovative commerce and payments technology is transforming how the world shops and pays. We develop technologies that enable connected commerce and make every commercial interaction effortless, delightful, and more human.

Creating Opportunity

The businesses that trade and pay across our platforms are making a profound impact on the communities that support them – allowing those communities to grow and thrive in new and purposeful ways.

Our Social Impact

Since our founding, we’ve understood our opportunity to drive both strong business performance and positive social and environmental change.

Our work centers on making positive, lasting impact in three key areas: Creating Economic Opportunity, Enabling Greener Commerce, and Powering Charitable Giving.

Creating Economic Opportunity

PayPal Working Capital

Every day we work to build a more open, diverse, and inclusive form of commerce. One that supports and encourages businesses of all sizes to connect and participate in the global economy through technology. PayPal Working Capital is one example of how we provide businesses with the capital they need to grow and that they typically can't access elsewhere.

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Enabling Greener Commerce

Patagonia Common Threads

We believe we can improve how people shop: their relationship with products, and the way they find, purchase, own, pass on, or eventually dispose of them. The Patagonia Common Threads Initiative encourages consumers to resell their used gear, extending its useful life, and reducing the manufacture of new products.

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Powering Charitable Giving

Global Response to Typhoon Haiyan

We foster connections between people and charitable organizations that inspire new and enduring forms of support for causes around the world. Following Typhoon Haiyan, we enabled our global community to raise $23 million in the first 30 days following the storm.

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