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Ben G
“I’m inspired by the golden rule of doing to others what you would want others to do for you.”

Ben G.

Director, Global Delivery Service

Salt Lake City, UT

Joined In 1999

Works On Enabling success through regular & personalized coaching

Enjoys Helping employees & customers realize their potential

Which projects are you most proud to have worked on during your eBay career?

I’m very passionate about personal development as well as taking our existing programs and evolving them into something bigger and better. I worked to create a global coaching organization and onboarding program for our front line team leaders. I also managed a career progression committee across eBay and launched our iDevelop program. Programs like these have really helped our employees grow in their careers. In addition to career development, I have focused on helping our customers have the best experience possible with our services. This includes developing a customer care program for high value customers, evolving our Top Rated Seller program, launching a Merchant Development Organization and also our Buyer Protection Program. Basically, any way I can help our employees and our customers is especially rewarding for me.

What are some upcoming Customer Experience programs that you’re focused on?

I am excited to be leading a number of initiatives focused on utilizing analytics and targeted coaching. These efforts reduce negative variation in our service while retaining a very personal experience for each customer. They focus on increasing the skill of our Service Delivery teammates in providing an excellent experience for our customers every time.

What drives you to create experiences our customer’s love?

I have always been inspired by the golden rule of doing to others what you would want others to do for you. This, coupled with a passion for serving, is what drives me every day. I strive to not only protect the customer experience but to also make it the best it can be. As a leader in our organization, it begins with fully embracing the fact that my role exists to serve and, through my service, I contribute to creating an engaged and loyal eBay community.

What are some ways that eBay is helping employees develop skills and realize their potential?

I have great support from our executive leaders in prioritizing resources and outwardly supporting people development. The title on our coaching playbook is “Unleashing Potential”. I believe that by helping people reach their potential, everyone wins. The business is better because the people perform better, stay longer and they spread the word. Our leaders get it, model it and act on it. All people leaders on Global Customer Experience have received training in coaching as part of an effort to create a true coaching culture where everyone is benefited by coaching and helping one another. This is where the magic happens because then the managers support people in on-the-job, individual development opportunities regularly.

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