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“It’s incredible that a company our size encourages employees to spend so much time giving back.”

Michael M.

Customer Solutions Analyst

Singapore, Singapore

Joined In 2009

Works On Customer Service, Strategy & Design

Enjoys Designing & improving customer experiences

Tell us about some projects or experiences that you’ve found rewarding at eBay?

In India, I’m working on Proactive eBay Guarantee SMS notifications. The idea is that when a case is opened by our India eBay Guarantee team, they can push detailed messages out to buyers and sellers. This system gets customers and merchants the info they need fast and frees up our team from doing things manually. It’s been a great success so far. Somewhat related to the SMS notifications, I’m also working on a business case for a new version of IVR (Intelligent Voice Recognition) to support the overall effort of our Customer Support teams in India. We want to utilize IVR to answer status related questions about our customers shopping experience early on and ultimately enable them to file disputes electronically. This will simplify the process for customers and free up the team to focus on more urgent cases.

What’s exciting about one project you’ve been working on recently?

I just finished a trial run in Israel experimenting with mobile chat as a customer engagement channel. We bought some SIM cards and phones and gave our merchants our number so they could reach directly through What’s App, Viber or text. It was a great learning tool for us. We found that our merchants really appreciated being able to contact us directly and immediately, rather than calling or emailing us. My plan is to bring this to a larger test market in 2015.

In 2011 you transferred from Salt Lake City to Singapore. How’d that come about?

One of the reasons I chose eBay was because we have offices around the world. Two years into working in Utah, I began helping a team in APAC (Asia-Pacific). After working with them for a while, I had an honest conversation with my manager about moving to Asia. My manager was really great and approachable. After some conversations, the APAC team said, “Bring him out.” eBay gave me a choice between moving to Sydney or Singapore. I chose Singapore because it’s more centralized and it’s our home office.

You’ve been involved with eBay GIVE for 5 years. How are you helping us give back?

A few months after I arrived in Singapore, I volunteered to be the co-chair of the GIVE program. Rather than hold a fundraiser or issue grants, we asked charities what they needed. Money and equipment wasn’t top of their list. They wanted help and support with things they couldn’t afford. It’s stuff we do best, like technology support. We kicked off Skills Based Matching and held a Hackathon in July with four charities. Each charity spent 52 hours in our offices and we helped them fix issues with things like donation platforms, mobile optimization and creative design. It’s just incredible to me that a company our size actively encourages employees to spend so much time giving back. I can’t wait for our next charity Hackathon. 

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