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“It’s my job to help make eBay an even better place to work.”

Becca C.

Data Scientist, Talent Analytics

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2013

Works On Using statistical tools to understand how eBay can be the best employer in the Valley

Enjoys Challenging questions, brilliant teammates & our supportive work environment

How did spiders lead to statistical analysis of eBay’s workplace environment?

I earned a PhD in biology studying a group of Hawaiian spiders. Maybe that gave me some insight into understanding and analyzing group interactions and dynamics. Prior to coming on board at eBay, I was a contractor, so I had a good view of the work environment, and liked what I saw. When I was invited to transition to a full-time employee, it was appealing because I was able to join a new team charged with uncovering new-found facets of customer behavior that hadn’t previously been discovered.

You’ve only recently changed jobs at eBay. What’s different?

I was formerly a Data Scientist, Customer Insights & Analytics, working on projects using statistical analysis to personalize our marketing communications. I am just ramping up on my new job where I use similar tools to understand how eBay can be an even better employer than it already is. In my current Talent Analytics role, my fellow eBay employees are now my end-users, my “customers”.  I work at improving their work experience by creating tools to evaluate how eBay is doing as an employer and finding the most effective ways to attract, develop, and retain great talent.

Outside of work, what drives you?

I am very passionate about prison reform and social justice issues. I spend a significant amount of my weekend time helping people recently released from prison gain comfort navigating the outside world again. Also, my husband and I recently bought a house in San Francisco and we spend any remaining free time we have remodeling it.

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