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“We have a start-up mentality, which is pretty unique for a company with more than 160 million customers worldwide.”

Beck K.

Senior Director Ads, Traffic & Merchandising

New York, NY

Joined In 2010

Works On Defining & refining the eBay experience for buyers & sellers

Enjoys Thinking entrepreneurially

You started out at eBay HQ in San Jose, then moved on to New York. What’s different?

We’re smack in the middle of Manhattan, where there’s a tremendous amount of energy and diversity like no other place on the planet. Everything and everyone is here, so it’s almost like a microcosm of eBay’s global customer base is right outside our door. It gives our office a unique perspective on how we relate to various markets. And, since we do a lot of work with major brands, it’s also easy to interact with the big-time retailers that are on eBay — we can see many of them from our office windows.

How does your work impact the customer experience?

The product management team is constantly trying to better understand our customers — buyers and sellers — to find out what makes them tick. We take a broad look at the e-commerce landscape from a competitive point of view, and from there develop strategies and tactics aimed at improving the overall customer experience. Making it easier to for buyers to find what they want, and for sellers to close the deal. Then we take our ideas and hand them off to engineering to make it happen. For instance, say a customer wants to buy a particular Cole Haan shoe but it’s not available in her size; our engineering team makes it possible to instantly serve up a very similar Anne Klein in just the right size.

Name a few highlights from your time at eBay.

I initially came to New York to work on integrating a small, entrepreneurial startup called Hunch into our local operations. It was an interesting and valuable experiment in cross-pollination, where both sides, big eBay and a bootstrapped startup, could learn from each other’s culture. It was a great success. Our team also launched the Promoted Listings add-on for sellers, which is a big hit with sellers and a good revenue generator for eBay, too.

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