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“There’s never a dull day. So many challenges, so many opportunities, so much fun!”

Bora C.

Chief Product Officer

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Joined In 2014

Works On Managing the design, engineering & product groups that support eBay’s three Korean brands

Enjoys Creating delightful customer experiences

You’ve had a long tenure at eBay. Tell us about your journey.

From 2000 to 2010, I worked at PayPal, which became an eBay company in 2002. I was away from eBay between 2010 and 2014 before returning to eBay at its headquarters in San Jose. In 2016, I took on my current assignment in Seoul, where I manage the product, design, and engineering teams that create shopping experiences for eBay Korea’s brands: Auction, Gmarket, and G9. Our teams work on item pages, product reviews, search, shopping cart, checkout, listing flows, and advertising as they relate to both buyers and sellers. Our goal is to create truly delightful customer experiences. We make it happen by solving problems from the customer’s vantage point and collaborating across groups from business units to design to marketing.

Any big events recently cross your radar?

eBay Korea recently held a wildly successful Hackathon. Our engineers came up with brilliant ideas and built out highly polished products in just a few days. It was a great way to channel our creativity, technical talent, and passions. I am particularly proud of the energy and teamwork behind the event, which inspired all of us on so many levels. The people at eBay are high-caliber, and it’s this culture that makes me a better thinker, maker, and doer.

What kind of buzz has eBay Korea created lately?

eBay Korea is a market leader and is often in the news. Two recent, exciting news stories highlighted the popularity of our Smile Box (pick-up and return kiosks located in convenience stores all around Seoul) and eBay’s community involvement with the Firemen’s Association of Korea. The Smile Box rollout delivers speed and convenience upgrades to “last-mile shipping options for eBay customers.Our collaboration with the Firemen’s Association demonstrated our commitment to support the unsung heroes around us and strengthen eBay’s ties with our local communities.

You started out in San Jose, and now are back in Seoul. How are you enjoying the change?

Seoul is where I was born, so I am extremely fond of this vibrant city. Not many people realize it, but Seoul is the fifth largest metropolitan area in the world. The rhythm of the city is fast-paced and modern, but you can also get a feel for its 5,000-year history with its iconic palaces and temples. The combination of new and old is what makes Seoul such a rich and unique place. Best of all, we have a beautiful view of Seoul from the eBay office, which is located in the Gangnam neighborhood (yes, as in Psy’s “Gangnam Style)!
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