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“We’ve created experiences that foster connection and community.”

Caitlin B.

Global Manager, Social Innovation

London, United Kingdom

Joined In 2011

Works On Creating positive social & environmental impact

Enjoys Working with many talented teams

What’s Social innovation and why is it important to our company and our customers?

Social Innovation is our approach to creating positive social and environmental impact through our core business – not off to the side, not only philanthropy – but embedded in what we do every day as a company. It’s important to us because it’s important to our employees and the broader community of stakeholders we serve. And the results are there, we’re seeing the creation of new business models and differentiated revenue streams. 

What are some of the initiatives and partnerships that you’re most proud of?

I’m incredibly proud of eBay’s first set Social Innovation goals, announced in June 2013 alongside the three-year business goals that were unveiled at Analyst Day. These goals have provided a clear focus we can all unite behind and push us to achieve our full potential as a company. I’m also extremely proud of the way we’ve partnered with companies and nonprofits alike to innovate on top of our existing platform. Our partnerships with Patagonia and the PGA Trade-In Network are two examples of creating experiences that foster connection and community and encourage people to extend the useful life of products that already exist in the world.

How has launching the eBay Patagonia Common Threads initiative made an impact in the world?

We realized that we had a shared vision of making it easy for people to connect with one another and extend the useful life of high-quality Patagonia gear. We knew that approaching this goal together, specifically looking to serve both the eBay community and Patagonia’s enthusiastic and motivated customer base, we could create something bigger and better than either of us could have created on our own. We launched in the US in the fall of 2011 and the UK in 2013. In the first year, we saw an increase of 25% more pre-owned Patagonia items being traded on eBay. We’ve learned a lot and are continuing to evolve the experience based on customer needs and new technology.

How are you and your team continuing to design and develop more sustainable forms of commerce?

With trends like supplier responsibility and the circular economy movement, we’re seeing a greater interest in what happens to products after the first point of sale. We are eager to continue exploring and pushing our platform to the limit with like-minded brands. I’ve been spending a lot of time supporting our Merchant Development teams across the globe, looking for ways to ensure we’re opening up the biggest opportunity possible with our brand/retailer partnerships. We know that the value proposition of selling on eBay is huge, but there’s additional added value in enabling brands to connect with passionate customers over the second, third and fourth sale of their product. 

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