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“I love that eBay provides business opportunities for people in developing countries.”

Carrie E.

Senior Director, Office of CIO Technology

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2004

Works On IT & media for eBay’s internal operations

Enjoys Working together as a team towards common goals

Your work is focused on functions internal to eBay. How does it affect the eBay customer experience?

By improving the way we communicate with each other and enhancing the security of eBay’s internal systems, our IT team helps make eBay employees more productive. Ultimately, when we work together more efficiently, it reflects upon the customer experience. Our customers benefit when everything in house is running as smoothly as possible.

What IT projects are currently on your plate?

I work in the office of eBay’s CIO, and that covers a lot of territory — from security and communications, to media and mobile. These days, our team is implementing video conferencing upgrades for 240 rooms worldwide, working on an Office 365 mail migration, and replacing eBay’s mobile device management platform. I’m particularly proud of the audio/video work our Media Services group recently completed in our new Main Street headquarters facility. What we do impacts the whole company, across the board, from operations and HR to legal and compliance.

What’s your favorite thing about working at eBay?

There’s more than one, so let me say favorite “things.” I love the people and the culture and the spirit of teamwork that permeates everything we do. It is a fast-paced, fun place to work with many super-smart people. I also like the location — the Silicon Valley has many great tech companies to network with and learn from. And I really love working for a company that has such a positive global impact, a company that provides so many opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs in developing corners of the world. In Twitter-speak: #iloveebay.


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