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“I’ve grown substantially and have been granted major responsibilities in a short span of time.”

Dominique H.

Payments Operations Manager

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2013

Works On Managing compliance while ensuring sellers are paid accurately & on time.

Enjoys Growing with the business one day at a time!

What does a “Payments Operations Manager” do?

I oversee subsidy contract operations, internal auditing, and risk management for Deals Ops. Currently, I’m working on implementing a new tool across the North American merchandising organization to help minimize manual operations and improve collaboration and workflow across our business units. I collaborate with cross-functional partners to manage the subsidy billing work stream, including financial reporting, payment distribution and communication with our premier sellers on the Deals platform.

Outside of your managerial role, are you involved with any other initiatives at eBay?

eBay is big on diversity. As for me, I lead the Black Employees at eBay (BEE), the African-American employee resource group, as well as the San Jose chapter of eAGLE/BeAGLE, which is our LGBT employee resource group. Just recently, I was the program manager for the largest LGBT Pride initiative we’ve ever implemented here in the San Jose office. We marched in the 46th San Francisco Pride Parade with our CEO and more than 300 employees, sellers, family, and friends. I’m also very passionate about public speaking, so I’m an active member of our company’s Toastmasters group.

You like to make a big impact. How so for your team?

I really enjoy working with my team. We feel like a family and we have a great working rhythm. I’ve had an impact by building a functional payments system and creating a reporting system that allows us to accurately track payments and disputes, and more effectively support litigation cases and internal audits. Additionally,I’ve helped improve communication and collaboration between Deals and merchants, sellers, account managers, finance, legal, and other stakeholders.

You’ve come a long way at eBay. How far?

I’ve grown substantially since starting at eBay, and have been granted a significant amount of responsibility in a short span of time. My colleagues and peers recognize my ability to get the job done and people respect me as a passionate and competent leader, which is exactly how I want to be received. I was recently nominated for a Luminary Award, selected to participate in eBay’s Women In Leadership program, and was one of 20 employees invited to attend the Women of Vision dinner with our CEO, Devin Wenig.

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