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“This is a technology-focused organization with a rich infrastructure.”

Hadas P.

Scrum Master & SW Engineer

Netanya, Israel

Joined In 2010

Works On Leading software development projects

Enjoys Developing top-notch technology

What led you to join eBay right after getting your degree in Software Engineering?

During the interview process, I had a good impression of the company, which led me to accept the position. I found a wonderful group of top developers that I knew I could learn a lot from. I felt eBay was a technology-focused organization with a rich infrastructure in which terabytes of data are being processed. And that it was a large, international company where I could explore different opportunities in my career.

Right now, you’re leading the Metador System project. What’s exciting about it?

The system we are currently developing enables the building of a global metadata taxonomy standard for backend and front-end business needs. It’s also planned to replace some older systems that are very important for managing the eBay taxonomy. This is a very challenging project since it affects many teams within eBay. I really like being involved in projects that have a major impact on our site. It’s very exciting to lead a talented and highly motivated group of seven engineers, collaborating with product managers and customers, and using cutting edge technologies for development.

What else have you worked on that you think has made a big impact?

I worked on a team that developed the Orbit system for eBay. Orbit is a rule-based system, which identifies wrongly categorized items and moves them to the correct category on I really liked this project because this system directly impacts what buyers see when searching items on our site and it provides a better experience for every shopper.

You’ve embraced our Social Innovation initiative. How are you giving back to your community in Israel?

I’m a member of our community outreach forum. Among our activities, we help kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds by mentoring them in their studies, preparing their school lunch and renovating their facilities. Over the past year, I’ve been mentoring a student in the 8th grade. I meet with him every week to help with mathematics, prepare him for tests, and improve his general skills. The most important impact I have is in our conversations on the day-to-day stuff. This is where I have the chance to mentor him and be a positive influence.

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