“I am passionate about the eBay brand. eBay encourages sustainability and provides a platform for small businesses to succeed.”

Jessie B.

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2013

Works On Strategies for encouraging sellers to sell more (& more!) on eBay

Enjoys Working for something I believe in

You’re a big buyer and seller on eBay. Is that why you wanted to work here?

Being very active on eBay had a big impact on me wanting to join the company and has made me a huge advocate for encouraging people to get in on the fun. I am a top-rated seller and use all of my earnings to buy, buy, buy on the site. I love the product, and it’s fun to work for something that I believe in, that serves a greater purpose. I wanted to work for a company where I felt good about the mission. I can get behind eBay. 

Your mission is to get folks to sell more. How so?

As the head of seller promotions in North America, I drive the strategy and execution of offers aimed at encouraging sellers to sell more on eBay. Our team creates multiple seller audience segments and develops highly targeted promotions for each segment. For instance, we have buyers who have never sold before on the site. Because I enjoy selling so much, I want all of our customers to experience the joy and satisfaction of their first sale! In the past we’ve offered buyers a coupon for making a successful first sale. They make money from the sale and receive a bonus to buy on the site, and eBay acquires a seller for years to come. It’s a win-win! 

Outside of promotions, how else are you helping improve the eBay experience?

It’s no secret, I am a very active eBayer. I frequently send feedback to various teams on ways the site could be more user friendly. Also, I work closely with our customer service organization to ensure that our promotions launch without errors in order ensure a seamless customer experience. I guess my input is appreciated as I was recently nominated by two of my colleagues for a Luminary Award, which recognizes employees who embody our core values.

You live in San Francisco, but work in San Jose. How’s that working out for you?

San Francisco’s weather can be a bit unpredictable in the summer, so it’s great to come down to San Jose and get my dose of heat and sun on a daily basis! The eBay shuttle for city dwellers is a huge plus that makes it easy to get to and from work. Plus, the campus in San Jose is a great place for lovers of all things outdoors. I often have walking meetings on a trail nearby. I care deeply about the environment and try to volunteer for state park trail maintenance when I can, so I really appreciate having the great outdoors near my office.

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