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Justyna W-Ch
“This is an incredibly dynamic environment to work in.”

Justyna W.

Brand and Integrated Marketing Manager

Zurich, Switzerland

Joined In 2010

Works On Creating a cohesive, global brand narrative

Enjoys Strategic thinking & executing creative campaigns

Talk about a recent eBay project that you’ve been working on.

I worked on the new eBay global brand campaign along with my colleagues in the U.S. and Australia. Our aim was to develop one strategy and creative that conveyed eBay’s message in a relevant and inspiring way to customers across the globe. I truly enjoyed the strategy and idea development as well as working closely with our agency partners on the production part of the campaign. We spent four days in Berlin during the TV shoot and, it felt as if we were travelling the world with our customers. Starting with a surfer’s home in Australia, through London for a street dance scene and, even attending a home concert given by a teenager inspired by Jimi Hendrix. It’s not every day that you get a chance to have an experience like this at work.

What’s something that you think would surprise people about working at eBay?

I came to eBay from the advertising industry, which is known for being a fast-paced environment. I was surprised to discover that eBay is an even faster place. Our CMO once said, “Three months in eBay is like one year with other companies.” This held true for the last four years that I’ve been here. I hope it helps to imagine the amount of opportunities that you are presented with each day. And doing the math right, I could be celebrating my 16 years here.

What are some of your career goals and how is eBay helping you achieve them?

Marketing is my passion and continuing my professional development in this field is really important for me, too. Since joining eBay, I’ve worked on several projects and each of them has been different and let me dive deeper into certain disciplines. Just to mention a few: relationship marketing planning, integrated global marketing campaigns, ATL measurement stream that deepened my knowledge of media in Europe, brand strategy, management of advertising agencies and more. I’ve found eBay extremely flexible in adapting to my personal goals and, it’s one reason I truly value working here.

What advice would you give to someone starting with eBay today?

This is an incredibly dynamic environment to work in and offers various opportunities for your development. My best advice is to be open to change and have courage to follow an opportunity, even if it feels like it’s pushing you out of your comfort zone. Be clear on what you want to achieve and proactive in getting there. But most importantly, have fun and be inspired. It’s a multicultural and diverse culture with extremely talented people that you’ll learn a lot from and enjoy spending time with.

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