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“At eBay, there are unlimited ways to expand your career horizons.”

Laura C.

VP Global Customer Trust

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2004

Works On Building trust & managing risk in commerce

Enjoys Rethinking what’s possible in a marketplace

Tell us about a project that you’re involved with and what’s exciting about it.

One of the areas we’re responsible for is reducing the percentage of transactions that lead to a bad experience for buyers. This is an awesome area to focus on. My team is constantly looking at and working on what matters most to our customers, and when we get it right, it leads to stronger growth for all. Through some focused work from the team, and wonderful efforts from our legion of amazing sellers, we now have transaction satisfaction at an all-time high.

You’ve held various roles at eBay. How has eBay supported your career growth?

I’ve had wonderful experiences in my 10 years at eBay and held roles in multiple parts of the eBay universe, from marketing to human resources to strategy. Some highlights include being Chief of Staff to former CEO John Donahoe and kicking off University Recruiting. At eBay, there are unlimited ways to expand your career horizons. Always make the most of those new opportunities – some may feel a little sideways, but I believe the best careers are more like jungle gyms than ladders. By being open to new opportunities, you can learn and grow in so many new ways.

You helped shape our University Recruiting Program. What advice do you have for someone starting at eBay?

Be open and enthusiastic about projects and opportunities that expand your horizons, especially if they’re not in your day job. Think big and question, “What is the absolute best solution to the problem at hand?” Even if you don’t get all the way there, the vision will be inspiring. Surround yourself with exceptional peers and mentors who support and challenge you daily (there are so many of them in this company)! The more people expect of you, the more you will rise to the challenge. And, finally, listen! The more you ask questions and listen intently to what and how people answer, the more you will learn and ultimately be able to be a stronger contributor and leader.

What’s something you are looking forward to tackling in the coming year?

My team and I are working on driving ever-increasing simplicity into key experiences that our buyers and sellers have with us. Many of our experiences are functional but can be tricky to navigate. We are working hard at finding all the ways we can create really rich, simple, compelling experiences for our buyers and sellers in everything that we do.

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