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Navin K
“StubHub constantly provides opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to the organization’s success.”

Navin K.

Director, Consumer to Consumer

San Francisco, CA

Joined In 2004

Works On Bringing new consumer sellers to StubHub

Enjoys Working with talented people who share a passion for the same things I do

What are some of the favorite programs you’ve been involved with at StubHub?

Being a key player in StubHub’s first step towards international expansion and moving to London to help launch StubHub UK was truly a special experience. I had the chance to take my deep knowledge of StubHub’s US business and determine what was transferable, as well has what had to be changed when applied to new customers, cultures, and markets.

How has eBay supported your career growth and what excites you about the job you’re focused on now?

Throughout my career, I’ve been able to take the skills and experiences from previous roles and leverage them as the foundation upon which to enter and learn in my next opportunity. This has taken me from process improvement to analytics, finance, international, business operations, and now leading the Consumer-to-Consumer team at StubHub. The greatest part of my current role is that I’m able to focus on the two areas of StubHub that matter most to me: our customers and our culture.

What drives you to create new experiences StubHub customers love?

Being a fan of sports, music, and theater makes me feel personally connected to StubHub customers —because I am one. It’s my personal connection and my passionate belief that StubHub can take the ticketing industry to a better place that drives me to create new programs customers will love!

What’s an important business challenge for StubHub?

Over the years, StubHub has gone from a startup looking to bring security to the world of ticket resale, to a well-known consumer brand that is a major player in the ticketing industry. Because of our success, other players have ramped up the competition. In order to continue to grow and beat the competition, we must become even more focused on delivering practical and innovative policies, products, and services that improve the experience of StubHub customers.

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