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“eBay provides an opportunity to take on some very complex technical challenges.”

Nick W.

VP, Fellow

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2010

Works On Technologies that enhance search & the shopping experience

Enjoys Creating quality experiences that are highly available & fast

“VP, Fellow” doesn’t say much? What exactly is your role?

I am a senior individual contributor, which means I’m not officially a manager, but rather, a technical leader for large parts of eBay’s technologies. As a Fellow, my responsibilities include laying out a technical road map for the search engine platform, helping evolve or replace pieces of our infrastructure, and helping teams, such as search, grow their skills in building large-scale, complex systems and becoming more efficient in dealing with the whole product life cycle. Our overriding goal is to build platforms that help teams across eBay create quality user experiences that are highly available and very fast.

What are you working on these days?

Our group is deepening its focus on the whole user journey through what is called the “Shopping Funnel.” The vast diversity of items for sale makes this an especially challenging and interesting problem to solve — to create a great user experience for the whole shopping journey, regardless of what you are looking for. The ever-increasing scale of eBay has us paying close attention to what happens under the covers. With roughly one billion things for sale at any one time, along with high inventory churn, there is a large volume of updates that must propagate to the search experience quickly. Supporting a very large, complex user ecosystem is a tough, but fun, technical challenge. That’s what I like.

Why eBay, why now?

As a Fellow at eBay, I get to be a technical leader at one of the greatest intersections on the Internet between technology and humanity. The scale of eBay means I am constantly working on the leading edges of technology. With hundreds of millions of buyers and tens of millions of sellers connecting across international boundaries in a true marketplace and level playing field, eBay is a true human story that can’t be found anywhere else. And yet, as vast as it is, I still get to work with small teams, either down the hall or on the other side of the globe. So interactions with my colleagues are organic and fun.

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