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“I’ve had the chance to take my knowledge to India, Malaysia and the Philippines.”

Pranjali S.

Executive Specialist, Marketplaces Risk/Coach

Mumbai, India

Joined In 2009

Works On Training & coaching to grow business

Enjoys Learning about new things & challenging problems

Tell us about some projects that you’ve found rewarding at eBay.

I was part of the Manual High Risk Project where we identified new sellers manually and took action for their risky behaviors. This helped us proactively reduce risk on the site and with other factors like claims or escalations. The result of this project let us start a different channel for our managed accounts and legal escalations, and resolve our top sellers’ concerns within 24 hours. Most recently, I’ve started seller education on risk to reduce churn and provide a clear understanding of risk evaluation. I’ve also had the chance to take my knowledge and manage claim payouts for India, Malaysia and the Philippines for the past two years.

What are some important skills you need to be successful as a Team Lead in Risk Management?

Some key skills you should have in Risk Management are being able to make quick decisions in critical situations, understanding the psychology of customers, planning and execution techniques and always being vigilant. Additionally, one of the most critical skills – especially for risk process – is a strong focus on team and time management.

What personal career goal is eBay helping you achieve?

I like to set a lot of personal goals. And the good thing is that eBay is helping me achieve and improve in areas like people management, presentation skills, system thinking and time management. I’m also getting the chance to improve my planning and execution skills.

What kind of ongoing training have you received while working at eBay?

Throughout my time at eBay, I’ve been able to go through the highly effective Team Leadership Training and attend 10 different courses. I’ve been part of the women empowerment program known as W.I.N. and have recently been working on the Operational Excellence project to improve productivity.

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