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“eBay gives you many opportunities to grow your career, change roles, and experience new locations and new parts of the business.”

Sergio G.

Senior Director, Innovation Programs

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2003

Works On Growing eBay’s innovation ecosystem

Enjoys Creating economic opportunity for our customers

You’re an eBay veteran. What do you like most about working here?

I started out as a consultant and I was immediately inspired by eBay’s culture and our noble purpose, so I knew I had to join the company to be a part of the journey. Everyone cares deeply about our customers and that helps drive our culture of supporting each other. It never ceases to amaze me how selfless our employees are with their time and expertise. Working with amazing people in a purposeful culture, all in service of creating economic opportunity for our customers and impacting millions of lives every single day — that’s what I love about eBay, and that’s why I’m still here after 13+ years. 

Director of Innovation Programs — what’s that about?

I champion innovations that create delightful experiences for our buyers and sellers. That means I work on articulating our innovation strategy, growing our innovation ecosystem, developing its pool of talented inventors, and enabling the innovations that will drive eBay’s future. People don’t often consider just how technically complex our work is, and they tend to overlook it because it seems so simple on the front-end. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Our customers aren’t supposed to worry about technology, that’s our job. They may not care that we have enormous implementations of some of the most cutting-edge technology anywhere. But we care. That’s why eBay was the first, and still only, Internet company to earn the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

As a long-time employee, any advice for newcomers?

Your career is what you make of it. The opportunities are here, you just have to actively participate in driving them. Your managers will support you, but the responsibility is yours. Since 2003, I’ve held almost every role one could imagine. I’ve worked in every geographic region we operate in, and I’ve partnered with almost every single business unit. One of the great things about eBay is that you have so many opportunities to grow your career, change roles, and experience new locations and different parts of the business — if you’re willing to go after it. 

How about some recent highlights?

We introduced Hack Week last year and now, in our second year, about two-thirds of our product and technology inventors, as well as many in non-technical areas, are participating. In all, we developed 219 working prototypes in just four days. And just recently, I was honored as an eBay Luminary, a champion for our culture. The entire experience was very humbling and it reinforced my commitment to help preserve the best of our culture, while helping drive its ongoing evolution. It’s also inspiring to see how our work environment is aligning with our purpose: our new facility, eBay Main Street, just opened and it’s fantastic — a physical manifestation of the energy, inventiveness, and culture of eBay’s next generation.

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