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“I love that we get to operate like an R&D startup.”

Tiffany B.

Head of Global Influencer Content Marketing

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2014

Works On Inspiring new audiences to try eBay

Enjoys Experimenting with the power potential of content

What exactly is “Influencer Content Marketing” and how does your team develop content that inspires?

We interact with influencers, premium publishers, and blogging partners worldwide to raise visibility for eBay and inspire audiences to keep coming back. Our content is shared and cross-promoted across all of eBay’s marketing channels so we work very closely with our global colleagues. The content our partners generate gets people to consider eBay and think about us in a different way. For instance: Did you know that 80 percent of items sold on eBay are new? We create engaging content to let people know that eBay is more than just auctions. You can find anything and everything on eBay, so it can sometimes be overwhelming. We work with influencers to make it easier for customers to discover the best finds.

What would you tell a friend just starting out at eBay?

Find your tribe — people to connect with that may not be on your team. Connections will make you want to be here and stay here. My tribe is the BEE (Black Employees at eBay) resource group. It keeps me connected to my day-to-day job and to the Bay Area and beyond. We support each other personally and professionally and host activities specific to our needs, but also remain inclusive to the larger eBay community. Our training sessions are open to all employees and help make eBay a great place to work.

You’ve had a very successful journey at eBay in a very short time. Tell us about it.

I started in 2014 when my manager at the time relocated from eBay UK to San Jose and asked me to be a part of his team. Since then, my scope of work has changed considerably. At first, I was Head of Content Network & Engagement, focusing on North America. Now, my role has expanded to include the UK, Germany, and soon (hopefully), Australia, and my title has become a bit longer. What I love is that we’re encouraged to operate like a startup. We get to experiment, which is a key reason I’ve been able to grow my team from four people with 100 influencers and a handful of content partners to eleven people in four offices with a network of more than 500 influencers across the globe — all in less than two years! I love that eBay invests in people and am fortunate to have been selected for the Women in Leadership program, part of the Women’s Initiative Network North America (WINNA) and the Global Growth mentorship program.

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