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Welcome to eBay Israel. Located in the heart of the Sharon region and just 30km from Tel Aviv, the sparkling seaside city of Netanya is home to eBay Israel. In Netanya, you’ll find beautiful beaches, long promenades, wild cliffs, and rare nature reserves. The renowned Technion University with its technically savvy student body and faculty is nearby, attracting many global enterprises and providing a large talent pool for a full range of STEM-related careers. Israel is ranked second in the world for venture capital funds, right behind the US. With the highest concentration of hi-tech outside of Silicon Valley and more NASDAQ listings than all of Europe, Israel has become a hub of innovation and development for high-tech leaders like eBay.


10 Hagavish StreetNetanya, Israel

eBay Israel is a development center for structured data and the hub for local business operations. Our 260 employees are involved in R&D as well as overall commercial operations for buyers and sellers in Israel’s fast-growing eBay Marketplace.
To support sellers, we created a dedicated site in Hebrew, which helps new sellers get started on the platform and veterans to enhance their sales. The site ( contains everything needed to successfully sell on eBay. For the hundreds of thousands of Israelis that regularly purchase through eBay, we offer localization to provide a user-friendly shopping experience. We emphasize innovation, tools, and services in the mobile arena due to Israel’s high adoption rate of mobile technologies. 

The Netanya office also carries out extensive R&D operations. The center employs dozens of developers and programmers organizing the “shelves” of the world’s largest shopping center. Every day, about 950 million products are put on sale in tens of thousands of categories. The center develops smart algorithms, which constitute the basis for the eBay search engine, and facilitate better organization and display of hundreds of millions of products.

Netanya is an attractive resort town bustling with activity and boasting more than 250 sunny days in the year. You will find plenty of entertainment, culture centers, coffee houses, restaurants, shopping, a lively market, movie theatres, art galleries, as well as many outdoor events and festivals in the summer.

If you’d like to change how the world shops, eBay Israel is a place where you can do it! Our office is ranked Number Four as the best workplace for women and thirteenth as the best high-tech workplace in all of Israel.
Office Opened 2005
Notable For Big Data development center
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