Ben G
“We’ve helped dozens of eBay employees move up to leadership roles through our coaching and development efforts.”

Ben G.

Director, Global Service Delivery

Salt Lake City, UT

Joined In 2000

Works On Enabling success through employee coaching & training

Enjoys Helping eBay deliver top-quality customer service experiences

What role does “coaching” play in helping employees deliver excellent customer service?

As the director of our Global Service Delivery group, I head up eBays Coaching, Quality, and Knowledge Management teams. This means Im responsible for enabling a culture of continuous customer service improvement through weekly coaching sessions, and also for evaluating compliance with quality standards through in-person and remote auditing. As for Knowledge Management, our team works to ensure that the vast volume of content used by frontline employees for customer service is accurate, effective, and up to date. Among my top priorities is combining insights gathered from coaching sessions with trends identified through our quality assurance and content monitoring processes to create great customer experiences. I am truly energized by the opportunity to make a difference for our customers and employees each and every day.

How do you quantify coaching effectiveness — how do you measure success?

Every month our group evaluates some 30,000 customer contacts and conducts over 20,000 coaching sessions to help eBay employees improve the accuracy of their responses to customer queries, and to ensure that customer interactions are handled in a friendly and thoughtful manner, with just the right tone. Although coaching benefits are hard to quantify, we can illustrate their impact through various metrics. For instance, in 2015 we returned $3M in savings by upping customer service efficiency to the highest level ever, and also, not coincidentally, we saw a two percent increase in customer satisfaction. Additionally, coaching has positively affected our internal engagement scores across the business. Whats more, our commitment to coaching has helped more than 35 employees land promotions to leadership roles.

What drives you to create experiences our customer’s love?

I have always been inspired by the golden rule of doing to others what you would want others to do for you. This, coupled with a passion for serving, is what drives me every day. I strive to not only protect the customer experience but to also make it the best it can be. As a leader in our organization, it begins with fully embracing the fact that my role exists to serve and, through my service, I contribute to creating an engaged and loyal eBay community.

You’re a true eBay veteran. What’s new and what’s next?

I started my career of serving eBay customers on January 2, 2000. Since then — across almost 17 years and the 37 different groups I’ve been involved with — I’ve been promoted multiple times and have led multiple teams. To this day I still enjoy serving in a role that enables me to connect with our customers around the world. In 2016, I was humbled to be recognized by my peers as an eBay Cultural Luminary Award recipient. Also in 2016, the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD) recognized our organization with the National Excellence In Coaching award. I haven’t hit the ceiling yet, and I’m continuing to learn. I am ever grateful for all the opportunities eBay has given me.

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