“I dream up ways to surface the most inspiring products on eBay.”

Bradford S.

Head of Curation & Merchandising

New York, NY

Joined In 2015

Works On Combing eBay’s inventory & curating the best of the best with human sensibility, while also influencing computer learning

Enjoys Finding hidden treasures in eBay’s catalog & shopping on eBay

What’s a “curator” doing at eBay? Sounds fun, how’d you get here?

eBay found me! I’m a huge eBay user (mostly as a buyer) and when people at eBay wanted to chat, I jumped on the opportunity. It’s a feather in my professional cap. I’ve founded two start-ups, Fab.com and Bezar, and both were inspired by my hunts on eBay. So, this is sort of a homecoming. Instead of calling me curator, maybe I should be called Head of Serendipity! I try to find the unexpected in our catalog, focusing on hidden gems and trusted brands and bringing them out of the shadows.

So what are you curating these days?

I am searching through the catalog and mapping brands, keywords, and categories to various interests I’ve defined. For example, take yoga. I researched the top brands and best sellers in the space, and dove into what drives the passions of yoga devotees. I then use what I’ve discovered to influence eBay’s computer learning, only bringing forward recommendations that fit the strict criteria. It’s like adding a layer of human sensibility and taste to algorithms.

You started working here recently. What’s been your biggest impact?

I hope to help our customers find all the great things within eBay’s vast inventory — there are more than one billion listings! But the biggest impact I have made has been with my colleagues. For the people I work with, I kind of act like a sprite, making them laugh, smile, and blow off steam. People are very serious about their work at eBay, and I hope I’ve brightened my co-worker's days.

What is your favorite thing about working at eBay?

The people. They’re as unique as the treasure trove of merchandise I curate. And laughter. I hear it a lot and that goes a long way.

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