“Our team focuses on making it easy for users to interact with eBay and get on with their business.”

Chris M.

UX/UI Designer

Portland, OR

Joined In 2014

Works On Streamlining user-experience workflows across mobile & desktop platforms

Enjoys Collaborative design, bicycling & kites

UX/UI Designer? What’s that all about?

I’m responsible for creating ambitious interactions across all mobile and desktop platforms for eBay customers around the globe. Our team uses human-centered design processes to enhance the user experience for a bunch of common activities like signing in, registration, profile updating, account settings, emails, messages, and mobile notifications. In short, our team focuses on making administrative functions easy to use. We make it easy for users to get in and out of eBay.

What’s your latest user interface innovation?

We’re upping our skill levels in iOS design language and Material Design patterns for Android UI components. Our Customer Connection team is working to introduce one-time password sign-in, touch ID, Two Factor Authentication, and other secure access procedures.

What makes you proud of your eBay experience?

Being able to practice my craft, solve difficult problems, and being a thought-provoker for a leading, global company, a household name. I like to stir the pot and inspire and challenge others to push their personal skills to the limit. I love eBay because it has given me a platform to step up and develop skills outside of design. In partnership with local university programs I’ve had the opportunity to develop leadership skills by planning, hosting, and managing events with co-workers and recent college grads.

What do you like about your work environment?

For starters, the people. You get to meet and network with a lot of really smart people, and I’ve shaken hands with some of the most talented folks in the design field. Then there’s the standing work desk, strolling around the campus from building to building, and the great food in the café. Our team has had a big impact on my development as a designer, giving me the opportunity to interact and problem solve with creative minds every day. I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn from such a talented group of people.

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