“eBay’s core values align perfectly with mine. I’m very proud of the work we do for our global seller community.”

Dominique H.

Seller Diversity Ambassador

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2013

Works On Identifying, celebrating & promoting a richly diverse seller community.

Enjoys Developing solutions that provide access to economic opportunity for all.

What does a Seller Diversity Manager do?

I create, plan, and execute strategies to celebrate, promote, and embed a focus on diversity across eBay’s seller acquisition and development efforts. I establish partnerships with multicultural organizations, community leaders, institutions, and sellers to drive greater awareness of and support for diversity and inclusion in our existing seller base and those who are new to our platform. I also work across internal teams to develop materials with cultural relevance for corresponding programs and initiatives.

Outside of your managerial role, are you involved with any other initiatives at eBay?

I participate in the City Initiative program, which is a local effort to bring minority business owners in San Jose onto the eBay platform. We aim to drive economic growth for our community partners by integrating them into eBay’s marketplace with guidance and support from eBay employees. I’m also very passionate about career development, leadership, and public speaking, so I participate in our company’s Toastmasters group and speak at various career development workshops and panels throughout Silicon Valley. Given my support of diversity, I’m a member of several communities of inclusion such as Black Employees @ eBay (BEE), United in Pride (LGBTQ+), UNIDOS, and eBay Women in Technology (eWIT).

You like to make a big impact. How so for your team?

I make sure that I bring my colleagues along with me as I research and discover innovative ways to attract, celebrate, and retain diverse sellers. By understanding the various roles of my teammates, I can understand how and when we can collaborate to execute our strategies. Team collaboration ensures we have comprehensive solutions to enable a more diverse seller community and buyer experience.

You’ve come a long way at eBay. How far?

I started as a contractor four years ago. Three promotions later, I’m in a leadership position as a Sr. Manager in Business Diversity. As a representative of equal opportunity for all, I inspire and enable people of all backgrounds to live, build, and create their own success in spite of adversity. My personal values align with eBay’s core values and I’m proud of the work we do for the global community through our marketplace. I’ve experienced major career growth at eBay and continue to receive challenging opportunities to lead and grow.

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