“As an LGBT employee, I’m free to be my authentic self at work. This makes me happier and more productive.”

Gail F.

VP, Developer Ecosystem & Services

Portland, OR

Joined In 2014

Works On Improving eBay’s public APIs & internal services

Enjoys Working with creative, driven & fun co-workers

What made you want to work at eBay Portland?

My background is in mobile development, and Portland is eBay’s center of excellence for mobile, so it seemed to be a perfect fit. eBay’s Portland office has a strong, funky startup culture that I simply love. Every Friday is Metal Shirt Friday, when we wear heavy metal t-shirts to work, and have many extras on hand if you don’t have one! All in all, Portland is booming. And that’s largely due to its growing tech industry and urban livability.

So what exactly do you do, and what difference does it make for the eBay experience?

I lead an engineering group focused on the eBay Developers Program (for third-party developers) and also web services platform improvements that make eBay’s internal developers more productive. All of which means we improve the quality and speed of eBay’s public APIs as well as the internal services powering eBay’s websites and mobile apps. Currently, we’re working on providing ways to buy and sell on eBay without ever having to visit eBay.com.

Tell us about your career path, how’d you get here?

I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan (Go BLUE!) and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Washington (Go Huskies!). At eBay, I started as a software architect.  I was promoted to Director of Mobile Architecture, to Senior Director of Developer Ecosystem and Services, and most recently to VP.  I appreciate that eBay recognizes my hard work, and I am hoping to work here for many more years. I’m honored to have been nominated for a Culture Luminary Award, which recognizes employees who live eBay’s cultural values while making impactful contributions.

How are you using your awesome tech skills outside of work to benefit the community?

I mentor girls and boys learning to code at eBay-sponsored community events. I also volunteer at my kids’ elementary school as their on-call nerd for website and IT support.

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