“This is a technology-focused organization with a rich infrastructure.”

Hadas P.

Manager, Product Matching & Adoption

Netanya, Israel

Joined In 2010

Works On Improving the buying & selling experience on eBay

Enjoys Developing top-notch technology

What made you want to join eBay?

I had a good impression of the company from the very start of the interview process. I found a wonderful group of top developers that I knew I could learn a lot from. I felt eBay was a technology-focused organization with a rich infrastructure in which terabytes of data are being processed, and that it was a large, international company where I could explore different opportunities in my career.  I know I made the right choice.  The people and the facilities are great. We have a group of super-talented developers with vast experience that I love collaborating with — I really like coming to work.


What does your day-to-day look like?

As the head of Product Matching & Adoption, I manage a team of six that is responsible for all of our production deliverables, the system architecture, and integration between internal and external components. We’re currently working on integrating a Machine Learning model designed to filter and identify the best-matched product candidates for a seller’s given input data. The platform’s architecture is comprised of a number of algorithms that, among other things, help buyers see what they’re looking for when they land on a product page. We’re passionate about everything we do and truly believe that we make a significant impact on the eBay shopping experience.

Tell us a bit about your eBay journey.

I started as a junior developer at eBay in 2010, right after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Ben-Gurion University. After one year, I became a Scrum Master and then in 2016 moved up to my current position as Team Lead. eBay is a really great place to grow your career, there are many opportunities and people pushing you to succeed. I’ve had great managers throughout the years who have provided lots of support and advice to help me get where I am today. I feel proud that I’ve made such huge progress since I started here seven years ago. 

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