“The culture at StubHub is as good as it gets.”

Michael A.

Senior Product Manager

San Francisco, CA

Joined In 2014

Works On Making StubHub more efficient for buyers & sellers

Enjoys The passion our team brings to solving tough problems

Tell us a bit about your job.

I started at StubHub as an MBA intern during the summer of 2014, and joined full-time in 2015 as a product manager. I have general responsibility for setting the direction of our products, which entails everything from drafting detailed requirements for new features to initiating higher-level conversations about the strategic direction taken for new products. In 2016, I led the team that built “blended engine,” a tool that supports our new joint primary and secondary offerings as well as StubHub’s Shopping Cart project. Currently, we’re working on Pricing Guidance products for consumer and business sellers. My goal is to create an open, results-oriented environment for our product and technology teams. 

How do you add value to the user experience?

The products our teams develop help make the ticketing marketplace more efficient by surfacing the right content to the right users at the right time. This helps buyers quickly find what they’re looking for, while also helping sellers optimize their sales strategies. We leverage machine learning extensively in our data science products to develop applications that provide great value to our customers as well as to StubHub.

What makes working at StubHub special?

The culture. We’re a hardworking, close-knit group that takes on tough challenges with great passion. Our camaraderie helps us consistently deliver high-quality products and services, but it also transcends the workplace. We spend a lot of time together outside the office, and on any given night there are groups of “Stubbers” heading out to shows and live events, or stopping by the local bar. The close relationships we’ve developed help us work through challenging opportunities and achieve success. 

You work out of San Francisco and Boston. What’s the best part about being bi-coastal?

Yes, I’m lucky that I get to split my time between two offices. I started out in Boston, but San Francisco has really grown on me. The office is vibrant and fun, and the city has much to offer with so many concerts and sporting events happening all the time. Boston is special as well, and even though it’s a small office, we’ve been able to tackle some of our biggest challenges and come out with truly great products like Ticket Recommendations and the Seller Pricing products we are currently testing. Boston is great in the summer and treacherous in the winter — but it builds character (or so they say). 

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