“If you love new challenges and want to take your career by the horns, eBay is a great place to grow and develop.”

Phuong N.

Senior Director of Advertising Strategy, Product & Operations

London, United Kingdom

Joined In 2003

Works On Creating advertising platforms that truly drive results

Enjoys Working with the brilliant folks at eBay

You’re a long-time eBay veteran. How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve had quite a journey at eBay, starting off originally as a customer support representative in our Sydney office. I remember my first assignment was to respond to 12 customer inquiry emails per hour (which I nailed consistently). Fast forward 12 years and today I’m a Director at the company, running a $200m business and spearheading our European strategy for advertising, so the journey has been nothing short of amazing. What’s next? My current development focus is to be a world-class general manager.

What are you working on currently, and what does that mean for eBay customers?

My job is essentially about creating an advertising platform in Europe that helps both our sellers and advertising partners drive results for their businesses — be it sales, consideration, or brand awareness. Our current focus is on what we call “1P Advertising,” which are advertising products that help our sellers, from big brands to small merchants, promote themselves on the eBay platform. Via 1P Advertising we’re helping sellers drive more relevant promotions to increases their sales, but also helping our buyers receive more relevant advertising and promotions. I truly believe that personalized advertising enhances the shopping experience.

Any special, memorable happenings you’d like to recall?

One of my proudest moments was seeing one of our young superstars — the head of our Advertising Technology and Operations team in Europe — recognized for his work by a committee of industry peers. I felt like a proud dad when he received the “Rising Star” award!

What do you like best about working at eBay?

My favorite thing is that eBay is passionate about developing its people. In my first five years I had five different roles. Every time I felt I was mastering a new skill-set, the organization would help me find the next challenge for me to scale. I always tell people that if you’re the kind of individual who loves new challenges, solving difficult problems, and is willing to take their own career development by the horns, then eBay is a great environment for you to grow and develop.

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