“The New York City office is fantastic. We’re a large company but it still has a ‘start-up’ vibe.”

Sadie D.

Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing

New York, NY

Joined In 2010

Works On Social media strategies for organic content & paid media

Enjoys Finding fresh, new ways to tell eBay’s unique story

How do you use social media to relate to users?

Our team manages content and paid media across 14 social media channels, creating innovative campaigns on Snapchat, Imgur, Reddit, and more. We’re focused on bringing new users to eBay and telling our story in truly modern, memorable ways. Since we manage content across so many channels, we have to be sure we convey the value and character of eBay through media that are relevant and native to various audiences. Essentially, we tailor our strategies to show users what’s important to them, and tell our story where and how it makes sense to them.

You’re in social media. What so “sociable” about eBay?

I love what we stand for as a company. We’re a business that fuels the lives of so many, providing a service that helps them achieve their dreams and make a living. I’ve met many sellers who’ve told me that eBay literally saved them financially. I love the culture. I’ve been lucky to work on fantastic teams with great leadership and have always felt encouraged to try new things, take risks, and even fail, because that’s when you learn. Finally, I love the people I work with. Everyone is smart and great at what they do. We have a very collaborative attitude here.

You’ve made lots of progress in your five-plus years at eBay. What’s next?

I started as the only member of eBay’s Canadian marketing “team,” and left Toronto as Head of Relationship Marketing with six direct reports. Now in New York, I’ve graduated to Sr. Manager on the Global Growth Social team, responsible for a good chunk of our regional social media strategy. In terms of what’s next, I’d like to stay in my current role for a few more years and learn this space inside out. Then I’d like to take our program global and start executing in other regions. My goal is to get as much experience as possible across all marketing channels and then take advantage of one of the many opportunities for advancement that eBay offers.

Any advice for newbies?

Don’t let the learning curve get the best of you. eBay is a unique business and we’ve all gone through it. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. And build relationships and your brand. It’ll massively help you get things done.

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