“I love the complexity of our business and the positive impact we have on the lives of buyers and sellers.”

Sam B.

Vice President, GM – Soft Goods

San Jose, CA

Joined In 2012

Works On Leading the Soft Goods business unit & team

Enjoys Working with the smart, driven & down-to-earth people at eBay

You’ve held a variety of roles during your time here. What can you share about your varied experiences?

I joined eBay in 2012 as part of the M&A Strategy team for Marketplaces. I was fortunate to be able to work on several transactions, including our investment and commercial relationship with Snapdeal and our acquisition of AppTek. I later transitioned to Strategic Partnerships, focusing first on Seller Partnerships then Merchandising & Seller Partnerships, and eventually leadership of the Americas’ Partnerships team. Prior to my current role, I led the Art & Collectibles business unit and had a blast working with eBay’s oldest product category and such a passionate community of buyers and sellers.


You’re on the move again. Where to?

Most recently, my role expanded into leading the Soft Goods team which includes 4 business units:  1) Art & Collectibles, 2) Media, Toys, & Lifestyle, 3) Sporting Goods, 4) Soft Home (Craft / Pet Supplies, and Food). The really fun part of my job is working with diverse parts of the business to service the needs of our buyers and sellers.

Outside of work, what drives you?

I love to watch movies, follow mixed martial arts, and read spy novels along with hiking, traveling, and horseback riding in my spare time. I also serve on the Board of Benetech, a nonprofit focused on empowering communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions.


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